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Structural Steel Fabricators Near Me

Structural Steel Fabricators Near Me

In construction, structural engineers, architects, construction managers, and project owners must make wise decisions regarding material and product choices. Structural steel is one of the most widely used building materials in the construction industry for many reasons. Its behavior is predictable and it is subject to rigorous standards established by agencies such as AISC.


Many contractors in the western US consider Montana Steel Industries to be their fabricator of choice. For decades, as an MT steel company, we have dedicated ourselves to fabricating steel on-time and error-free. Our main goal is to help your project succeed. If you’re looking for a steel fabricator in Montana, look no further than Montana Steel Industries.



Why Structural Steel?

Steel’s primary purpose in the building industry is to form a skeleton that holds everything together. It can be used alone or as a reinforcement material to counter concrete’s low tensile strength and ductility. Because of its ductility, variety of shapes, and thicknesses, structural steel can be customized to meet specific building needs. 


  • Structural steel brings greater value to a project because it is cost-effective.

  • It is lightweight and strong, which allows long spans between columns.

  • Structural steel is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, which ensures quality and predictability.

  • It is produced for consistent strength levels and specified tolerances, which simplifies the design process.


Sourcing Local Fabricated Steel

Sourcing steel from local fabricators gives contractors several advantages for their projects. The main advantage is that it can help accelerate schedules. Transportation of structural steel to the site is faster. If there are any unforeseen material add-ons or changes in project design, they can be solved rapidly. 


If both the fabricator and project are local, it also gives the fabricator some advantages. For example, it gives access to the fabricators’ mobile crew for field welding and any field adjustments - if needed - and the ability to make constant site visits to survey or take field measurements.

Montana Steel Industries - Locals’ Fabricator Of Choice

If you’re a contractor in Montana, you might want to source from a steel fabricator in Montana because of the reasons listed above. At Montana Steel Industries, we are an MT steel company that, for decades, has built and maintained our reputation for knowledge, accuracy, excellent customer service, and punctual deliveries. Contact us and find out what it’s like to do business with MT’s steel fabricator of choice.



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