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Many top general contractors in the western US consider Montana Steel Industries to be their “Fabricator of Choice”. We are proud of this status and take it upon ourselves to prove and promote the highest level of integrity. Give us a try, and find out what it is like to do business with Montana’s “Fabricator of Choice.”



We thrive on meeting a challenge. Architects, owners, contractors, and other fabricators know they can count on us to make their idea a reality. Check out today's featured project.



Producing the highest quality work is only achieved through having a great crew. Take a moment to meet our team!




We are known throughout the Rocky Mountain region for knowledge, accuracy, personable service, and punctual deliveries. Montana Steel Industries is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction to have the personnel, organization, experience, capability, and commitment to meet the requirements of the AISC Certification Program. We are AISC Certified in Building Standard, Bridge, and Bridge Component.

We thrive on meeting a challenge! Architects, owners, contractors, and even other fabricators know they can count on us to make their idea or project a reality. 

Midwest Welding and Machine, Inc. started in 1944 in an old blacksmith shop near downtown Bozeman, MT.


2000 -  We became an AISC Certified Fabricator to SBD, later to the Building Standard.


2006 - The structural steel fabrication division of the company was purchased and this new entity became Midwest Steel Industries. (Midwest Welding and Machine, Inc. returned to their "pre-structural steel" name, facility, and specialties).


2014 - We changed our name from Midwest Steel Industries to Montana Steel Industries to eliminate confusion.

Montana Steel Industries is proud of our heritage and the hard working people that built that heritage. We continue that tradition with an incredible assembly of professional talent and fabrication equipment. Our team is dedicated to provide fabricated steel on time and error free.


Our desire is that your project has every chance to succeed. Our high percentage of repeat business is testimony to our successful efforts.



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