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Who We Are

Randy Chamberlin
CEO/General Manager

After 12 years as CFO for MSI, Randy has since taken the reins as CEO of Montana Steel Industries. Working side by side with our leadership team, he sets goals and endeavors to equip the company for a successful future. With a background of growing up in the construction industry, as well as his experience as a business owner for over 30 years, Randy's ability to see the big picture sets the tone for the company.

When he's not cracking the whip at MSI, Randy enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including golf, fishing, hunting, running, riding horses, and interpretive dance. Well...maybe not the last one. But regardless of the activity, whether business or leisure, he has determined to use all as opportunities to grow in his Christian faith.

Randy has been happily married for 37 years, boasting four kids & 10 grandkids.

Terry Kohn
Lead Estimator/Project Manager

With a passion for steel that began 30 years ago, Terry is our in-house source of knowledge & experience for all things steel. His construction savvy also includes 13 years combined experience in divisions 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9. As lead of our estimating & project management, he ensures that any project we encounter conforms to MSI's standard for fairness, accuracy, and quality. Working closely with our production team & quality control team - Terry's goal is to keep your project on time, or even ahead of schedule if possible.

Away from the shop - Terry enjoys cooking, motor home camping with his wife, varmint hunting, and traveling. Having visited all 48 continental states, none of us here at MSI need to consult the Travel Channel. Terry has probably already been there & knows what sites to see.

Married to his wife of 6 years, he has 5 children, 2 step children,and 6 grand children.

Dan Chamberlin
Estimator/Project Manager

With construction background in his blood, Dan knows how a project should flow. Couple that with his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Montana State University, and you can feel confident that your project is in good hands.

A dedicated family man, Dan likes to include his wife of 5 years & four kids while pursuing his hobbies. He involves his whole clan when either camping, traveling, shooting guns, hunting, fishing, gathering firewood, running heavy machinery, or participating in church activities. He also enjoys simply watching his son play baseball & basketball, and watching his daughter in her dance class. Rumor has it that he taught her that jaw-dropping pirouette move.

Travis Casebolt
Estimator/Project Manager

Not to be mistaken for a Tolkien character, Travis does more than just look pretty with a beard. Whether bidding or managing a project, he strives to get things right the first time. If you need a bid for your project, chances are good that you may find his name attached.

If not in the office - he can often be found hunting, hiking, woodworking, playing sports, cartooning, playing with his four kids, or annoying his wife.

He speaks three languages - fluent in both english, canadian, and a little australian.

Paul Hergett
Detailing Manager

With 24 years experience in the steel industry, Paul has become our overworked beast of burden here at MSI. All drawings - whether submittal packages to our customers, fabrication drawings for our shop, or burn programs for making steel parts - have been either created or come through the filter that is Paul. His wealth of experience & attention to detail has proved invaluable for what we do here at MSI.

When we allow him to leave - Paul likes to head out fishing or unwind on the Playstation. Believe it or not, Paul won a state title as a member of the 5 person class C track & field team in 1990. Even today, he is willing to defend that title to all who may challenge. Well...eh...maybe not.

Stephanie Oswell
Office Administrator

Initially hired to cook lunches & provide handcrafted coffees for all of us, Stephanie has since been moved to a role in office administration. Mostly because we never received any of these lunches or coffees. A home-grown Montana gal, Steph likes to spend her time hiking, camping, and working with youth through her church. With six siblings clamoring for her attention, we suspect she only took the job to pay for all the birthday & Christmas presents. When you dial our number, except a warm greeting from Stephanie. Just don't expect a free lunch....or fancy coffee.

Ben Hertel

Manager of all shop operations - Ben works to keep the MSI engine humming. Using those smarts from his B.S. in Business Administration from Liberty University - he maintains & oversees all production, purchasing, and logistics. If it's happening in the shop, Ben's got a hand in it.

Outside work, he is a self-described 60's Ford performance enthusiast, lifelong hunter, and recreational cyclist. He also secretly wishes he could grow a beard - maybe some day this dream will come true. Ben has been happily married for 8 years, with a 5 year old & 1 year old keeping him young.

Adrienne Meidinger
HR & Payroll Manager

Always good to have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology on the team, even if it came through the Griz country of the University of Montana. Responsible for maintaining and enhancing our policies, programs, and practices - Adrienne has a knack for keeping everyone in line. We're not really sure how she does it. Could be her 15 years experience with the company. Might have something to do with controlling payroll....hmmm.

Away from the office, Adrienne enjoys spending time with her husband & son. From watching her son play sports, to family camping, four-wheeling, hiking, or dabbling with gardening - it's nice that she sets aside a little time for us.

Glyn Ross
Shop Superintendent Safety Manager

Combine 30 years experience in the steel industry with a combat engineer for the U.S. Marine corps, and you've got the man you want to lead your steel shop. As shop superintendent, Glyn oversees fabrication of structural & miscellaneous steel projects, pushes to meet all project due dates, and maintains a safe work environment for his crew. On a occasion, he even whips up a pretty mean breakfast burrito.

Away from steel - Glyn pursues hunting, fishing, camping, or chasing balls around the golf course. He is married to his wife of 31 years, with one daughter and one son.

TJ Biggs
Assistant Shop Superintendent

Whenever our Shop Superintendent is absent, T.J. steps up as lead man to guide & assist other shop employees. Whether getting his hands dirty fabricating or instructing others in doing the same, he keeps our shop from missing a beat.

Hobbies include hunting, fishing, watersports, and classic cars.

Wes O'Leary
Field Superintendent

With 18 years experience in the steel industry, Wes has proven more than capable as the leader for our mobile crew. Having graduated with honors from the "School of Hard Knocks", Wes maintains MSI's reputation for quality field work with his tireless work ethic, attention to detail, and high-caliber welding skills.

When the welding shield comes off, Wes knocks off a little of the workplace 'slag' by heading out into the hills hunting.

He has a wife & 2 kids to keep his home life busy.

Tyler Goff
Quality Director

As Quality Director, Tyler values excellence in all that MSI produces for our customers. He ensures that our daily work here at Montana Steel Industries complies with code, specification, and contract requirements - as well as meeting the requirements needed for our shop to maintain it's AISC certification.

His ability for reviewing quality also spills over into his private life. Tyler has received national recognition from Google Headquarters for his reviews & pictures posted through Google. Other Google users, business owners, and managers have praised Tyler's review contributions that he has given merely while doing the things he loves: such as traveling, sightseeing, attending concerts/shows, and taking photos.

Married to his wife in 2012, he has a step son and an awesome grandson. The awesomeness has not worn off.