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Steel Fabrication in Montana

Steel Fabrication 

The steel fabrication process is challenging.  Steel fabrication includes steel beams, columns, headers and supply for structural steel buildings.  Structural steel is the go-to solution for any beginning builder or large commercial contractor.


Our dedicated team at Montana Steel Industries is always ready to give you a hand with your designs and deliver the best structural steel fabrication solutions. Our team will deliver your steel on-time the way you engineered it..


Benefits of Using Structural Steel 


You Save Money

Compared to other materials, structural steel can reduce costs in different areas of a project, for example, assembly, exterior structures, and billed work hours. 


It’s Fast To Work With

Structural steel is created off-site while site planning, and other work, is completed. Structural steel is only brought to the project site once it’s ready to be installed and then quickly assembled.


It’s Stylish

Structural steel provides many choices for architects needing elegant and unique structures. Structural steel can be shaped, curved, bent, and adjusted into a variety of structural shapes.


It’s Eco-Friendly

Today’s steel factories produce steel containing an average of 90% reused material! With low ecological effects per square foot of usage, steel is the top choice for eco-friendly projects.


It’s Reliable

Structural steel is reliable because it is fabricated and manufactured under controlled conditions. Build with confidence knowing we hold an AISC certificate, providing you the professional experience and reliability you’re looking for. 


We perform quality control prior to your assembly process to ensure your project stays on schedule with the quality required. Meaning the material’s final strength is tested when in production. Structural steel is shop-fabricated  to surpass the limitations of on-site materials. 


Choose Structural Steel

Montana Steel Industries’ structural steel fabrication is critically acclaimed throughout the country. We’re ready to assist you with all your steel fabrication needs, regardless of your project’s size or requirements. 


Due to our AISC certification, our products are of the highest standard. Here at Montana Steel Industries, we are committed to delivering you only the highest quality in the country.

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