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Custom Steel Fabrication

Custom Steel Fabrication

Steel is a versatile material. The interaction between its constituents gives this metal a unique range of properties that make it ideal for use in many industries, from infrastructure to shipping, auto manufacturing, and other kinds of appliances. Due to its malleability and ductility, fabricators can transform basic sections of steel into different shapes. 


Custom steel manufacturing is required by any industry that requires specialized metal pieces. Steel does not only play a vital part in both residential and commercial constructions, but fabricators also work closely with mining, shipbuilding, and auto manufacturing industries.


3 Phases Of Custom Steel Fabrication


Steel fabricators use several techniques to transform basic steel sections into predefined and custom shapes, ready for use in building and the manufacture of other products. Modern steel fabrication uses high-tech computer software, which allows them to manufacture steel with absolute precision. The process of custom steel fabrication occurs in three phases: cutting, forming, and assembly.

Steel Cutting


In this phase, fabricators use tools like notches, punches, plasmas, shears, lasers, and saws, depending on the desired shape. Straight-line cuts are made using saws, shears make more articulate cuts, lasers and plasmas are used to cut more complex shapes like curves, and notches and punches are used for creating openings on metals.



Forming comes after the steel is cut. Machines that generate great forces and pressures are used to give the cut parts the desired shape. The main techniques used to shape the steel are press baking and rolling, which can form pieces of a huge range of thicknesses and shapes.



Once the metals have been formed, they are assembled and joined. This typically involves welding the pieces together. It is at this point that the final product comes together and all the previous steps serve their intended purpose. 

Montana’s Top Custom Steel Fabricators

In the steel industry, many steel manufacturing companies offer custom steel. If you are looking for the highest quality custom steel, contact Montana Steel Industries today. We are a known steel company in Montana. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals will ensure that whatever you want will be fabricated to the highest standards, will meet your specifications, and will be delivered when you need it.


Our years of experience in the steel industry have made us experts at what we do. We are certified by the AISC to have the personnel, organization, experience, capability, and commitment to meet the requirements of the AISC Certification Program. We are a steel company in Montana that, as our clients say, if it’s made of steel, we can do it.



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