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All You Need to Know About Structural Steel Fabrication

This more versatile fabricated steel is what we today know as structural steel. Structural steel fabricators produce various steel sections and assemble them to create megastructures like industrial equipment, buildings, tools, and more. If you’re looking for steel fabrication companies in Montana, Montana Steel Industries is the state’s leading steel company.



Structural Steel Fabrication Process

Structural steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, shaping, and finally assembling steel to create various products. Fabrication of structural steel is not to be confused with welding steel to strengthen or repair it. Steel fabrication is a skill which requires experience transforming raw components into products that meet standards and codes. The stages are:


  1. Cutting: First, steel is cut through sawing or chiseling with different tools, such as water jets or laser cutters. This is typically done in a manufacturing facility that has abundant safety precautions.

  2. Bending: The second step is to bend the alloy. This can be manual or using machines, depending on how much repetitive bending the project requires.

  3. Assembling: The final step of creating a structure is joining different parts of steel together. This is usually done by welding, but adhesives or rivet construction can be used too. Most assembling is done on-site.


The cost of steel fabrication processes represents 46% of the total cost of erected structural steel, according to AISC. An experienced fabricator can advise on designing and fabricating steel members and assemblies as efficiently as possible, reducing costs even more. Also, because of our years of experience, your MT Steel fabricator will work efficiently and knowledgeably, speeding up the fabrication process and, ultimately, your project. 


Work With an AISC Certified Steel Fabricator

Working with experienced steel fabricators can speed up the process, saving money on your project. There are many steel fabrication companies in Montana, but Montana Steel Industries is the leader. We specialize in structural and architectural steel fabrication in Montana. In our decades on the field, we have gained our clients’ trust. We always deliver on-time, and our clients are not frustrated on the project.


We became an AISC Certified Fabricator to Building Standard in 2000. When you work with us, you can be sure you’ll receive a higher quality product fabricated with the latest technological developments and best practices. Work with Montana’s fabricator of choice and eliminate stress, knowing you’re in the best hands.



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