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Industrial Steel Fabrication in Montana


Industrial Steel Fabrication in Montana

The various standards and alloy combinations have made the range of physical and chemical properties of steel  wide. There are different types of steel, each with a different fit. What differentiates one type of steel from another is its grade (resistance, usually in pounds per square inch). The most common ways you’ll see steel used are industrial, commercial, and structural.


Industrial steel is the strongest type of steel. It is used in applications where heat and other environmental factors can degrade less durable metals. At Montana Steel Industries, we offer industrial steel fabrication. We fabricate steel for industrial projects such as hydro-power, dam construction, fish passage, mining, oil and gas, wind power, and solar power.



Properties and Appliances Of Industrial Steel

Industrial steel has a resistance of 80,000 PSI. As it is heavier than other kinds of steel, it is also more expensive. Industrial steel is strong and can take poundings without denting. Industrial steel is also hard to weld, so expensive tooling technologies, by experts only, are used to weld and shape it.


Detailing and workmanship have to be monitored to ensure successful welding. Even the stress from welding can enable cracks to form and propagate. Despite its challenges, industrial steel is durable and can withstand exposure while maintaining structural integrity. Some of the properties of industrial steel are:


  • Toughness

  • Fire Resistance

  • High Strength


Industrial steel is used in heavy, complex applications. Industrial settings require metals that can withstand high temperatures, pressure, rust, chemicals, etc. It is commonly found in shipping vessels and aircraft, wind turbines, pipelines, and more.

Montana Steel Industries Is Your Trusted Industrial Steel Fabrication Company

Fabricating industrial steel takes expertise. As mentioned above, its high strength and low ductility make industrial steel prone to cracking. At Montana Steel Industries, we have been fabricating industrial steel for decades, following all standards and code specifications. We also offer the service of industrial welding in Montana.


At Montana Steel Industries, we are pleased to provide High-Quality Steel to Montana, Eastern Washington, Idaho, North and South Dakota. If you’re in the area and looking for industrial steel fabrication and industrial welding in Montana, don’t look any further than our team of experts. As our clients say, if it’s made of steel, Montana Steel Industries can do it!



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