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Architectural Steel Fabrication

Architectural Steel Fabrication in Tri-Cities, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and North and South Dakota

If you’re a general contractor in the Tri-Cities, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Wyoming or North and South Dakota, you know that choosing the best material is vital when you’re budgeting your project. Architectural steel can add a lot to a building’s style and durability. Whether it’s for walls, railings, or paintings, steel can help accent places within the house or building. 


At Montana Steel Industries, we do more than just steel fabrication. We ensure your projects are successful with our fabrications. Plus, we’re AISC certified -- The most nationally recognized quality certification. 



Why Steel?

Working with steel has many benefits and advantages. For starters, it is eco-friendly. Steel is the material of choice for engineers and architects due to quality and price. However, most designers choose it because it doesn’t harm the environment, as no chemicals or trees are used. 


Steel also has the capability to adapt. You can ask for it in specific colors, you can bend it, and you can use it for a variety of areas, besides commercial projects: backyards, kitchens, living rooms, or closets.


Benefits of AISC Certification

Great Quality Products 

Having an AISC certification means your construction product will be superior and experience fewer delays or errors. Why? Because we adhere to the standards required. 

Much Safer To Use

Because our products are certified and high quality, we experience less product failure. Also, our experienced employees are highly trained, and produce the highest quality products. At Montana Steel Industries, we only deliver quality products that have been tested prior to the assembly.

You Want The Experts? Work With Montana Steel


Architects and engineers want our fabricated steel in their projects because of our AISC certification. We work hard to set the structural steel industry’s quality standard. 


We are committed to excellence. From management responsibility, employee training, material purchasing, fabrication requirements & tolerances, MSI’s goal is error prevention rather than error correction. Work with Montana Steel Industries, and you won’t be disappointed. Just give us a call, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.




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