Equipment and Prototype Manufacturing

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We are proud to manufacture several farm and construction implements, power generation support structures,  vehicle emissions testing equipment frames and components for larger companies. We have fabricated the prototypes for several major products.

Where applicable, we use the tab-and-slot method of component assembly which eliminates the need for jigs and fixtures, and yet ensures each product's quality is precisely the same as the one before, as well as speed up the production process which means dollars saved.

Our diversity enables us to be a "one-stop-shop" which includes design, fabrication, machining, hydraulics, hardware, assembly, and finishes. Our customers are worldwide, and range from "Mom and Pop" companies to "Big Name" Corporations. Our diversity of capabilities equals our diversity of customers and products.

Contact us with your equipment or prototype manufacturing needs. Whether it is small parts to large implements, we would love to talk to you. Remember we have no sales tax in Montana!

Contact Kevin Brownlee 1-800-736-9814 or e-mail us at