Industrial Steel

Bullion MoldCoal SumpCofferdam sectionCofferdamCofferdam bottom sectionCofferdam installDam ladders & radial gatesStop LogsTongue River FlumeFlume final sectionFume HoodHebgen Dam BulkheadBulkhead FabricationIntake StructureIntake Structure-2Rock Deflector RoofLead DipperMill Chute embedWater Flow TransitionSupports for 8 ft. PipePipe transition componentTrash RackPueblo Dam Trash RackSag MillSlag BucketSolar supportsStop LogTongue River FlumeTransition BoxTrash Rack


We fabricate steel for industrial projects such as hydro-power, dam construction, fish passage, mining, oil and gas, wind power, and solar power. 

The vision of a successful project includes teamwork,  lower costs, faster delivery, and enhanced quality.  At Montana Steel Industries, we are at the forefront of making these factors a reality.